PP Filament problem

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asked Jun 22, 2014 in 3D Materials by Josep (150 points)
Hello everyone,

there is a problem in printing a PP filament in my 3d printer. there is no adherence to bed. the temperature is 230 degree C in in nozzle and 80 degree in the bed. Lacquer was used for good adhesion. However, it seems impossible.


What to do? Please help me.....

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answered Jun 30, 2014 by Arifin (1,390 points)
selected Jul 3, 2014 by Josep
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Hi Josep,

You can try nozzle with 250-280 temperature and the bed temperature 120-150℃. I hope that this wlll do as I also got solution of same problem in this way.



commented Jul 3, 2014 by Josep (150 points)
This temperature setting works.
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