Facing Problem with Scanning and Printing

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asked Jun 7, 2014 in 3D Scanning by anonymous

I am new in 3d scanning and printing. I want to scan objects of nearly 40x40x10 inch. I also want to print this on plastic. I have got a scanner for the purpose. now I need a printer to perform the next job of printing such large scanning. I am not familiar with this type of things. I am also unwilling to spend much for DIY- package.

What can I do in this situation?

1 Answer

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answered Jun 9, 2014 by Arifin (1,390 points)
Hello friend,

If you need not to print that big scanned object, you will have many options. 3d printer of your desired size is very rare and the cost will be pretty high. I am not telling about buying it. Again you will not get the scanning facility as I think.

CNC craving can be a better option for you for this size. Routers are inexpensive, but you need to build them. I have shared my idea here. You can take suggestions of the specialists.


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