Sketchup help please!!

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asked Aug 20, 2014 in 3D Modelling Software by Number4
Can someone share few tips for 3d printing with Sketchup?
I am gathering tips from different people. Thanks a bunch in advance

#4 :)

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answered Oct 14, 2014 by Super_Admin (8,660 points)

Hello #4,

Scale up as much as you can, go upto 1000 and use lots of good plugins!

)Sketchup STL
)Solid Inspector
)Round Corner
                         These are some

Find more here

Best 3D Printing Plugins for Sketchup



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answered Oct 14, 2014 by Raph Cole (1,110 points)
The best one I could give is make absolutely solid models for smooth printing.

- try to give thickness to the walls

- avoid holes and bad edges

- and most of all know your material, your software and printer.

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