Bad to worst photo quality.

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asked Aug 9, 2014 in 2D Printer Drivers by Mariwine (120 points)
The photos come out very very dull, not even worth keeping em.
The black and white prints are good, but when it comes to printing coloured, it sucks.
The colour is of high quality and the software detects it as legitimate colour cartridge but when it prints it prints really really bad, distorted dull faded and what not.
I've spent enough money already on this set. Now I just want to find a solution to this mess can anybody help? Thanks.

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answered Aug 15, 2014 by Super_Admin (8,660 points)

Hello Mari,

Don't get nervous, if the software tells you that there's no problem with the cartridge then there is some problem within the settings.

software detects it as legitimate colour cartridge

First check your printer properties and check the 'Paper type', change it to whatever paper you wish to keep.

Also, check the quality settings, you need to set it to 'Best'

Lastly, Update to latest drivers (Check if you have the post script driver available, does a better job)

Get back to me with the results as soon as possible, so I can assist you further.


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