How to remove a driver from the CMC?

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asked Apr 4, 2014 in 2D Citrix Printing by kangi
Hi,  We are having an ongoing problem with our servers just hanging and we cant figure out why.
I want to remove some of the printers to try a pin point the problem.
In the CMC there doesn't seem to be an option to remove printer drivers, if
I goto Start > Settings > Printers > Right Click - Server Props > Drivers >
Remove, they seem to be removed from the server but NOT citrix??
How do you remove printer drivers??
Can anyone point me in the right direction here please

1 Answer

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answered Apr 6, 2014 by ps_admin (680 points)
First it needs to be removed from the server.
In the printers folder click on file.
Then choose server properties and select the drivers tab.
Then choose the driver you wish to remove and click on remove.
This will need to be done on all servers in the farm with that driver.
Then open the cmc and highlight printer management and right click.
Choose update printer information.
Right click on printer management and choose refresh printer management.
The printer should then be gone.
If the printer does not get removed from the list high the printer and the right hand column will show which server it is on in case you missed removing the driver from a server. is a free printing support and help site for 2d and 3d printers. Ask and answer printing questions in Citrix printing, terminal server printing, 2d printing, 3d printing or any printing related problems and more. Register for free and earn points for questions, answers and posts. Printing help is always 100% free.