Led lights just stay on, But we can't print?

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asked Jul 14, 2014 in 2D Printing Problems by Elliestair (120 points)
Our HP laptop turns on allright, but when we try to print through it, it just won't, we're done changing enough parts on it;
Led lights just stays on, But we can't print. How can you help with this please??

1 Answer

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answered Jul 26, 2014 by Super_Admin (8,660 points)
Hello Elliestair,

                        If the lights stay on and the status shows as ready and you still can't print, then there is some problem with your formatter board. Go to your local dealer and do a network and configuration test. If they insist to install a new board, then do so and replace the faulty one with a new formatter board and run the tests again.


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