What are the costs for 3d scanning service?

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asked Apr 2, 2014 in 3D Scanning by Mick M
Hi, what is the cost or considerations i need to take into account to get something scanned in 3d. eg a model aeroplane.

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answered Apr 2, 2014 by anonymous

The cost of 3D scanning services can vary greatly.  There are several factors to consider:

1.  Size of object being scanned.

2.  Which 3D scanner is being used:  3D scanners cost anywhere from $400 to $300,000.  Typically more expensive scanners can measure more accurately.  A cheap scanner might get +/-0.02". An expensive scanner will get +/-0.0005". 

3.  What file format is needed and how much post-processing is necessary:  independate of the type of scanner, scan data processing usually takes 2-5 times more time than the scanning itself.  The data processing time varies based on what type of file format is needed.  From quickest to longest, here is a list of file formats; Polygon Model (.stl), Auto-surface Model (iges, step, etc), Hybrid Model (iges, step, etc), Dumb CAD model (iges, step, etc.), Native/parametric CAD model (.sldprt, .prt, etc.)

4.  Complexity of part:  3D scanning is line of sight.  Regardless of the size of the part being scanned, the time it takes to scan a part is directly correlated to the part's complexity.

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