I need help joining pieces.

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asked Jul 11, 2014 in 3D Post Production by ralphm (240 points)
I need help joining pieces from different programs like Cinema, blender, etc. I wanna know a way to bring all these objects from different programs to one place, so they look like 1 object. I don't think this should be too hard or perhaps it is? But would still like to read your suggestions, opinions or answers, thank you.

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answered Jul 23, 2014 by Super_Admin (8,660 points)
selected Jul 23, 2014 by ralphm
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I think Rhino is what you need. But first you must export all these files separately in one compatible format. Try exporting it to iges or stp individually and then bring them to rhino.
IF this doesn't work the only left option would be to do a mesh boolean union by exporting into STL, but that makes it even more confusing and complicating.
I have heard that Blender itself does a great job joining objects:
-you just have to select - boolean & union, and you're done. Perfect method to join objects.
Try one of these and let me know, I'll be right here waiting for your reply.

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answered Jul 23, 2014 by Raph Cole (1,110 points)
Also to add to superadmins answer, the boolean commands are like two spheres in Rhino.
Click that and you'll find all of the booleans there. Hope this helps and very interesting question, I liked it.
commented Jul 23, 2014 by Super_Admin (8,660 points)
Thanks, Raph for pointing that out, thanks a lot :)
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answered Jul 23, 2014 by ralphm (240 points)
Thanks you guys, for your honest answers. I found a solution on this website, it feels great.
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